About us


About Us

VM2 LOGISTICS is a dynamic and truly professional organization with full of exuberance, striving to offer professional freight management and solutions. Our vision is to be the leading provider of quality, integrated transportation and logistics solutions, which exceeds customer’s expectations. 

 VM2 LOGISTICS is a young and energetic company. In response to the growing, globalization of international trade and development of Indian market, 
VM2 LOGISTICS has quickly established a comprehensive network in major trade areas coupled with professional, cost effective and efficient logistics services.
 VM2 LOGISTICS has earned the reputation amongst leading players of the industry as well as the customers. Since its inception, VM2 LOGISTICS has provided an effective, efficient and economical service to satisfy the customer’s needs. This 3-E concept has become the company motto and is being carried out by the management team and the staff whole-heartedly and sincerely. The mantra of this establishment is timely accomplishment of task undertaken.
 VM2 LOGISTICS believes that the job done in time delivers the best dividends.
 VM2 LOGISTICS success stems from its commitment for providing world class logistic services for the international trade through intensive experience of its team combined with its strong agent’s network.